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Smooth liss

(Try me kit) Smooth therapy™

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Vegan & cruelty free formula

The ultimate hair transformation for anybody seeking professional smoothing results.

Experience the transformative power of our innovative formula, expertly crafted with gentle plant-based acids.

It provides unmatched natural and long-lasting straightening effect, smoothness and shine while conditioning your hair.

With just one simple application, enjoy up to 5 months of beautifully smooth, frizz-free hair.


1. Smooth liss Lotion 100 ml 


2. Smooth liss Home Shampoo 200 ml 

3. Smooth liss Home Mask  200 ml

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    (Try me kit) Smooth therapy™
    (Try me kit) Smooth therapy™
    (Try me kit) Smooth therapy™
    (Try me kit) Smooth therapy™

    The ultimate hair transformation

    • Vegan Formula

      Vegan & Cruelty Free Formula

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      Free Delivery on Orders Over 100€

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      Trusted By +1000 Salons Woldwide

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    Key Benefits

    📅 Long-lasting results:

    Enjoy up to 5 months of beautifully smooth, frizz-free hair with just one application.

    🌧 Frizz control:

    Effectively tames and manages frizz, leaving your hair sleek and polished.

    🔗 Stronger Strands:

    Strengthens hair fibers, reducing breakage, while sealing cuticles for a smooth and glossy finish.

    ✨ Silky, Healthy Hair:

    Restore softness, promote hair growth, and revitalize with nourishing care.

    🕝 Effortless Styling & Time Savings:

    Enhances manageability, reducing styling time and minimising heat damage.

    💁🏽‍♀️Customizable for Desired Results:

    Whether It’s Frizz Control, Defined Curls, Smoothness, or Natural Straightening.

    🍃 Ethically formulated:

    Our vegan, cruelty-free formula is formaldehyde-free and safe, ensuring a gentle experience.

    💦 Zero Downtime:

    Style and Wash Instantly. Our kit features home shampoo and mask, ensuring comprehensive aftercare.

    Discover the beauty of smooth, silky hair we walk you through the process


    Smooth Therapy™

    Infused with plant-based amino acids and customisable for curl definition, frizz control, or straightening. Experience stunning, long-lasting results for up to 5 months.

    Wash & Dry →

    Step 1 – Home Shampoo

    Wash your hair with the home shampoo to remove dirt and styling product residues. Make sure to fully blow-dry your hair before applying the lotion.

    Apply Lotion→

    Step 2 – Shake and Spray

    Apply Smooth Liss Lotion by spraying it evenly throughout your hair, making sure to cover every strand. Allow it to penetrate for 30-50 minutes for optimal results.

    Rinse and Dry→

    Step 3 – Don´t use shampoo

    Rinse Smooth liss Lotion with warm water, avoiding shampoo. Use a hair dryer to completely dry the hair, ensuring each section is thoroughly dried.


    Step 4 – Lizze Extreme Flat Iron

    Divide the hair into very fine sections. Perfectly Straight: Glide Slowly for Optimal Results with Titanium-Plated Hair Straighteners


    …And the best part?

    You don’t need to wait to style or wash your hair right after having the treatment.

    Your beautiful hair will be ready to go!


    Smooth Therapy™ Quick Guide


    Make it last!

    Tips for keeping your hair fresh and fabulous!

    • 🧴Maximise Results with Smooth Liss Home Care Trio

      Style and Wash Instantly. Our kit features home shampoo and mask, ensuring comprehensive aftercare.

    • ✨Activate the Smoothing Magic with Heat Styling

      Incorporate hot air blow-drying into your styling routine after each wash. The heat will activate the smoothing effect, resulting in irresistibly sleek and polished hair.

    • 💕Prolonged Perfection with Regular Treatments

      By repeating Smooth Therapy™ treatment every 2-3 months, you can maintain luscious, vibrant locks that grow increasingly smoother, more manageable, and healthier over time.

    • 💁🏼‍♀Enjoy Immediate Freedom to Style

      You don't have to wait to wash your hair. You can have a ponytail or updo, and even make waves with tools. Feel free to style your mane!

    Frequently Asqued Questions

    What does Smooth Therapy™ treatment do?

    Smooth Therapy™ treatment offers professional-grade results with long-lasting smoothing, frizz reduction, and hair straightening. Powered by plant-based amino acids, it enhances smoothness, shine, and manageability.

    Our customisable treatment and comprehensive quick guide empower you to achieve your desired outcome, whether it’s defined curls, frizz control, or straightened hair.

    Experience the transformative effects of this single application for up to 5 months.

    Can Smooth Therapy™ straighten my hair?

    This customisable treatment offers the versatility to define curls, smooth frizz, or straighten hair for up to 5 months. If you desire straight hair, Smooth Therapy™ treatment can help you achieve that result.

    By using a hair straightener with titanium plates and following the instructions in our Quick Guide.

    The straightening effect achieved with Smooth Therapy™ treatment looks more natural, allowing your hair to gradually return to its natural state over time.

    Moreover, you will have the freedom to create waves with curling irons or style your hair in any desired way.

    How many application is one bottle enough for?

    The 100 ml spray bottle of Lotion is designed for 1-2 applications, depending on your hair’s length and thickness. It’s important to apply a generous amount of the solution to ensure complete saturation. Here are the recommended amounts based on hair length: Short (15-30 cm): 40 ml / Medium (30-45 cm): 60 ml / Long (45-60 cm): 80 ml / Extra-long (+60 cm): 100 ml. Try Me Kit also includes our home care shampoo and mask, which are specifically formulated for aftercare of the treatment.

    These products complement and enhance the results, ensuring your hair stays healthy and beautiful.

    Is it suitable for all hair types?

    Smooth Therapy is suitable for all hair types, including colored and bleached hair. However, when using a hair straightener on colored hair, there is a possibility of color fading. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to wait at least one week after the treatment before applying any hair color. For bleached, porous, or damaged hair, control the temperature by starting with a lower setting (170°C-190°C) and gradually increasing it while monitoring for color fading. Adjust the temperature if fading occurs. These steps help protect your hair and minimise damage or color fading during the straightening process.

    Is it free from harmful chemicals?

    Don´t worry, our treatment is formulated with a vegan and cruelty-free formula that is free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, carbocysteine, or glyoxylic acid. None of the active ingredients in the composition transform or release formaldehyde during application or the straightening process.

    Furthermore, you can expect a gentle and pleasant application experience. The treatment is ironed without any product on the hair, ensuring a smoke-free experience and eliminating unpleasant odors.

    What are the treatment after-care instructions?

    • Extend and enhance the effects of the treatment by using our Smooth Liss Home Care products, including Shampoo, Mask, and 14-in-1 Leave-In. (Home care shampoo & mask included in the kit).
    • Activate the smoothing effects by blow-drying your hair with hot air after each wash.
    • Maintain luscious and vibrant locks by repeating the treatment every 2-3 months.
    • Enjoy the freedom to style or wash your hair immediately after the treatment without any waiting time.

    What tools do you need to perform Smooth Therapy™ treatment?

    You will need the following tools: a hair straightener, hair dryer, hair clip, comb and towel.

    A high-quality hair straightener is essential for achieving successful results with the treatment, and we highly recommend using one equipped with titanium plates. When choosing a straightening iron, look for adjustable temperature settings within the range of 180°C to 230°C to ensure optimal performance. Moreover, our Lizze Extreme Straightener Flat Iron, trusted by professionals worldwide for keratin treatments, is available for purchase.

    Enjoy an automatic 20% discount applied at checkout when you purchase it with your Try Me Kit.

    Do you guarantee results?

    Our guarantee is that SmoothTherapy™ will leave your hair smoother and silkier than ever before.

    However, it’s important to note that individual results may vary as everyone’s hair is unique.

    To achieve the best results, please follow the steps outlined in our Quick Guide and use the recommended tools.

    If you are not satisfied with the results, please reach out to our support team at


    • I've been having my hair straightened for over 10 years, I have very fine & frizzy hair, this was so easy to use, and very happy with the result. I can always tell I like the result when I wake up in the morning and don't need to wash/wet or redo my hair. Means less hair washing during the week which is better for my hair. Thankyou

    • Despite a delivery hiccup, I reached out to customer service and they swiftly resolved the issue. I couldn't be happier with the results! My hair looks amazing. Highly recommend!

    • I've been using this treatment in my salon for one year, and we absolutely love it. Not only do we appreciate it, but our clients also adore it, especially the btx treatment. It's quick, and the results are simply insane and long-lasting.

    • Very easy to use & the results are stunning! My hair is so shiny & smooth. I've had so many comments that my hair looks great, I'm thrilled!

    • Ive had the keratin treatment done in hair salons, I just wanted to be able to do this from home because it is cheaper. I absolutely love this product to straighten my afro hair. I left the treatment on for 60 minutes. Only took a little under 3 hours total for me. Im hoping this will last me 6-9 weeks. 10/10 recommend!

    • Trabajé en un salón en España donde utilizábamos esta marca de alisado. Sin duda los resultados son muy buenos, se puede adaptar el tratamiento para hacer alisado o simplemente nutrición. Cuando me mudé a Londres, no dudé en recomendar este tratamiento en el salón donde trabajo actualmente y lo estamos ofreciendo ahora a nuestras clientas. Otra cosa buena es que ni hace humos, ni malos olores, lo recomiendo 100%!

      María T.
    • I have to say, this is a great product! It's incredibly easy to use, and the results are absolutely fantastic. My hair looks amazing, and I couldn't be happier with it.

      Stephanie K.
    • As a professional hair stylist, I do keratin treatments regularly. I must say this is the best product out there. If you are following manufacturers instructions you should not smell the product, your client should not be experiencing any burning or itching or irritation whatsoever.

      Toni M.
    • I'll never stop using this product. it's really good for curly and fizzy hair. Be careful to follow the process for optimal quality results. Very good.

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